Schedule a Session

Clients can currently can reserve sessions weekdays from 5pm-10pm and weekends from 2pm-10pm.
Sessions can run until midnight at the latest.
There is free parking and easy loading areas.
Please note: There is no charge for setup or tear-down, just the time you're actually playing. The time you select is for arrival.
There is no cancellation/postponement fee at this time, but in case you need to cancel or postpone we strongly encourage an email or text message notice by your scheduled session day.

Recent Availability:

Monday - HIGH
Tuesday - MEDIUM
Wednesday - MEDIUM
Thursday - NONE
Friday - LOW
Saturday - MEDIUM
Sunday - MEDIUM


-- Solos & Pairs
10.00 first hour
5.00 each additional half hour
-- Groups & Bands
20.00 first hour
5.00 each additional half hour

Community Equipment:

-Ludwig Fusion drum kit, for $5 per session
-Percussion Plus drum set, $5 per session
-150W Line 6 Spider II, $3 per session
-Peavey Audition 30 practice guitar amp, no additional charge
-200W Acoustic bass amp, $3 per session
-Ibanez Soundwave 35 bass amp, no additional charge
-Harbinger 600W PA & Mixer, no additional charge


Due to potential scheduling conflicts we ask that first-time clients please schedule at least 24 hours in advance for their first session. Sessions for first-time clients scheduled on the day of their requested time may not be confirmed.